What Are The Best CBD Capsules Online

Welcome to the crowd, yes we are all seeking the best CBD capsules online… and by the best, I am talking three different categories:

  1. The highest quality, lab tested CBD, complete with test results.
  2. The lowest price, for high quality CBD.
  3. The best, most discrete and fastest shipping.

All three of those categories are used to help select the best CBD capsules online. So let’s get started with a a couple of my favorite brands:

Second place: Calm Wellness CBD

This well known CBD brand is amazing. They have ultra fast shipping and super high quality product, however their price leaves something to be desired, at least compared to the best of the best.

First place: MedClava CBD

This up and coming, wholesale CBD club is really starting to make a name for itself. It literally is best in class in all three of the categories used to rate the best CBD online.

How To Save Money When Buying CBD

If you are actively using CBD daily, you already know how difficult in can be to find high quality, organic, US-sourced CBD, without breaking the bank. If this is you, this video will show you have to save 50% off your daily regime of CBD.

Cannabidiol is literally being called a green rush as it is so effective with almost zero side effects. If this sounds interesting, I suggest you give CBD a try.


PE Bible Review – Watch This

So if you have heard of the PE Bible, you will want to watch this video to find out more before making a decision:

Some favorite videos:

Today I am going to share my thoughts about The Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins. This almost 100 page eBook is just part of the overall package you get when you order… and the best part it allows you to grow your package!

The chances of growing your penis without using the PE Bible guide is almost guaranteed to be met with failure.

Remember, penis growth is permanent as once you expand the chambers in the penis, you can not shrink it.

So yes, it is important to make sure that this change is something that you will be happy with permanently.


Using Erect on Demand and The Peruvian Brew

Let me share my experience with a product called Erect on Demand. This Peruvian Brew is a concoction vitamins, herbs, and extracts that help increase blood flow and sensitivity. These are common causes of many cases of ED and this product claims to reduce the cause, hence reducing the symptoms of ED.

I had to try it as an alternative to more expensive options that are on the market.

During my research, I found this compelling video and this is what helped me give it a try:

That video was from a guy named Bill Preston who appears to actually know what he is talking about and not just reading some sales letter or whatever.

If you are still not convinced, check out these other videos with more information:


The Best Way To Improve Testosterone Levels

Testosterone. It is often referred to as the primary male hormone and there is no reason why it should not be as it is that important for men to function correctly.

From age 30, the human body’s testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. If you discover your body’s testosterone level dropping below normal levels, there are numerous healthy ways to raise it. An adequate amount of testosterone within the body is essential for general well-being and health.

Just like men need some amount of estrogen, testosterone plays an important in both men and women, but it is critical for men to function properly and actually is very unhealthy if the levels are too low.

The body naturally makes testosterone, and there are many testosterone supplements that help the body with this process. One such supplement is Spartagen XT, but there are many like it.

Additionally, increasing exercise, reducing alcohol consumption and getting plenty of sleep in addition to a healthy diet, all help improve the body’s ability to produce natural free testosterone.


Tips To Stay In Shape During The Holidays

The holidays can be the most challenging time of the year for staying or getting in shape. People are going to more parties, consuming more alcohol and of course eating much more than normal.

So with that said, we wanted to share with our fans some tips we found to help stay ship during this challenging time of year.

Watch this video for seven tips and tricks to getting active, staying fit and remaining healthy during the holidays.

These tips can be used both inside and outside the gym, so there really is no excuse for not at least attempting to stay in shape this year.

Stay fit, and I’ll keep you posted with more advice soon.


Why It’s Important To Have Normal Testosterone Levels

As men continue to age, they often find themselves losing muscle mass as well as decreased stamina. This can be from a number of causes and is actually quite natural. But sometimes, it is due to abnormally low testosterone, which while somewhat normal, can be controlled. I will share some advice for that later, but let’s look at the negative effects of not being healthy, not having the proper hormone balance or having low testosterone levels.

The Negative Impact of Low Testosterone

1. It can affect how well men perform on the job. They will lose concentration due to the feeling of inadequacy. Some men get stressed and lash out at others for no reason. It could result in job loss for some people.

2. It may impact performance, libido or the desire for intimacy. Some men withdraw completely and refuse to have any conversations about it whatsoever. As a result, it affects their marriage. They feel guilty about the lack of performance.

3. It may lead to depression, lack of focus and an overall feeling of not being a real man.

4. It may cause an increase in body fat and a lack of energy or stamina.

So what can be done to reduce the effects of low testosterone, or even naturally return it to a normal, healthy level?

Four Things To Improve Low Testosterone

ExerciseWe all know that it helps to get some exercise. Go for a walk, hit the gym, or even play a low impact sport such as tennis. It doesn’t matter what it is, but the important things is to do something that gets the blood flowing.

Control Your Alcohol Consumption

Also, don’t consume a lot of alcohol as this just masks the feelings and makes them worse when you lose the effects of the alcohol. So try to only have 1 or 2 drinks a day. That alone will make a big difference.

Eat Healthy

Next, make sure you are eating a healthy diet. Avoid junk food, fast food and food high in sugars and fats. Remember, a soda is basically just empty sugar calories. Why would you want that in your body? Instead drink a flavored water. It is much better for you, and tastes great. Try to eat a low carb, high protein diet that contains a lot of lean meat and vegetables. Your body will thank you for it, even if it is not as satisfying as say a juicy cheeseburger and fries. Plus you won’t get the post junk food sleepiness.

Supplement Your Diet

Taking a supplement that contains natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that have shown to increase testosterone, and reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen will help return your T levels back to where they should be depending on your age. Herb extracts like tongkat ali, maca root and asian red ginseng are all great candidates. Having plenty of vitamin B, D and Zinc also have been shown to help with low testosterone.

What If That Doesn’t Help

If you try all four things mentioned above, and you are still feeling a lack of libido, low energy and just an overall lack of stamina, then it’s time to go see your doctor. There are other options out there, but you want to try the healthy, natural ones mentioned above first. Again, if eating healthy, reducing alcohol, getting exercise and supplementing your diet are not working, then go seek a professional opinion. But be sure to try what is mentioned above. It’s cheaper, safer and much easier in the long run.

Low testosterone signs, symptoms and treatments – Dr. Sam Chawla

Watch this video above for more about the symptoms and treatments of low T.


Improving My Music By Improving My Memory

I wanted to share how I believe I improved my music, simply by improving my memory.

Improving upon your memory is easier than it sounds. Many of seem to think our brain is to complicated to get it calmed down and under control. This is simply not true. Below I have some simple suggestion to help you get your brain under control. Now you don’t have to do all of them, unless you really want to. Just doing one or two of these will do wonders for improving your memory.

Just sit back, relax and read. Keep in the back of your mind that it’s mind over matter. If you feel and think that you can improve your memory over time, then you will.


1) Most of us get caught up in the idea of multi-tasking. I’m sorry to say this is not helping your case. Quit doing this. Just focus on one thing at a time. I know, most of us go around saying “I have such a day ahead of me”. Put this mindset out of your head. Focus on just one thing. You’ll be quite amazed at what your brain is ready to recall later, if you get in the habit of doing this.

2) Some people like to “cram it all in”. This is not helping your case. I know it sounds simple, but try repetition. Many psychologists call it “over-learning”. It might sound simple, but try it. If you repeat something over and over, your memory will pick it up more easily. Try doing this over a long period of time. You might just be amazed at the difference it makes.

3) There is something called “chunking it“. It’s something most of us have been taught since birth. What you do is take large bits of information and break it down. Break it all down into smaller increments and store the information. Many people do this. Most people have found they can remember a lot more by trying this little exercise.

Why do you think many of us are good at memorizing phone numbers? We “chunk it”. We divide up those ten numbers into 3 little compartments. Hey, it works!

4) Try organizing the information, Some of us, like myself, like the idea of organization.

“A place for everything, and everything in its place”.Most of you have probably heard this one before. It’s so true though. This is also a good way for those of you who are not good at the whole “organizational” thing, to get better acquainted with it. Start small and build from there.

5) There are many of you who get caught up in someone else’s views of something. You get caught up in the way they do it. Stop that. Try doing what works best for you and your memory. Not all memories are the same. Yours is different from mine. So why would I try to push my way of remembering something onto you? Do what works best for you. There is never a “one size fits all” way of keeping something in the memory bank. If something works well for you, than do it.

6) As you take something, try working on the associations then. Some like to call it “connecting the dots”. I have known people who have said they will come back and do it later. When they come back, they can’t make the association anymore. Why? it’s not fresh in their mind. If you can make the association as you take in the information, your memory will start increasing by a big percent.


When we are younger, it gets easier to take in and hold all the information. As we begin to age, this process start breaking down. However, you can’t let it beat you. Just by doing one or two of these simple tricks, you too can add to your memory bank. If you keep doing some of these tricks every day, your memory will begin to get better.

New video about improving memory:

How to become a memory master | Idriz Zogaj | TEDxGoteborg